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Emergency plumbers… Do those words make you break into a cold sweat? We know the feeling. Having to type emergency plumbers Durban into your search engine is never a pleasant moment. Call AJ’s ER Plumbers. We know what to do, and we’ve seen it all. Our lightning-fast response time and excellent service is bound to put a smile on your dial.

Plumbing emergencies vary wildly in shape and size. The most common are blocked drains and burst geysers. Both of these are highly unpleasant and usually don’t keep office hours. When your sewer overflows on a Sunday night, call the best emergency plumbers in Durban and surrounds. We will come running with the right tools and a can-do attitude. We’re not afraid of poop, so we’ll clear that drain in no time.

Maybe your geyser burst over the festive season. We all know that’s a busy time in Durban and that you’re not likely to find emergency plumbers in Durban and surrounds who didn’t take that time off. Give us a call. We always have someone operating the phone, and we’ll be there in a jiffy. You would need hot water over Christmas, especially if the family came to visit. I mean, you can’t do the dishes in cold water, now can you?

Maybe you need emergency plumbers in Durban to fix that tap that keeps breaking? You know, that old one that’s handle comes off every time you try to open it. The one that keeps running until you close the main water supply. We know, you asked your friend’s uncle’s cousin to fix it. He says he’s a handyman, but he doesn’t even have a toolbox. Instead of the proper tools, he used this funny-looking home job to fashion a make-shift handle for the tap. Also, there’s an old rag tied around it. That doesn’t sound like a good job to me. Get a professional emergency plumber to fix it for you. We use proper tools and ensure that there’s no comeback on our work.

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You need a professional emergency plumber who knows what they’re doing when the pawpaw hits the fan. Someone that uses high-quality, durable materials and adheres to industry best practices in their work. Someone who is adequately trained and qualified to do the job. For all your emergency plumbing needs, call us. We do work that is ethical, honest and of the highest quality. We don’t take shortcuts, and we don’t try to make dishonest profit out of our valued customers.

We care about our customers. That’s why we do our best to ease the situation when you need an emergency plumber. We are calm and professional and will give you honest feedback about your emergency. You can rely on us not to make empty promises. We work at lightning speed, sorting out your plumbing emergency quickly and efficiently.

Maybe your geyser isn’t heating the water enough. If you’re running a guest house or hair salon, that’s an emergency. Guests expect hot water when they shower. Patrons expect hot water when they get their hair washed. When this happens to you, give us a call. We will fix up your geyser in no time. If the geyser has broken beyond repair, we will replace it for you as quickly as possible. You can know for certain that there won’t be any comebacks on our work. Quality work gets done right the first time.

Call us to make your plumbing woes disappear and put a smile on your dial. Our call-out fees are reasonable, and our prices are low. If that doesn’t make you smile, we don’t know what is. You can count on work of the highest quality, done professionally and with a sense of humour.

Call the fastest emergency plumbers in Durban today. Call AJ’s ER Plumbers.

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Whether you need a new plumbing installation or a fix on an existing plumbing system, AJ’s ER Plumbers are ready to help you. Our plumbers are amongst the best in Durban and surrounding areas. Give us a call.