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Gas Geyser Installation

Gas geyser installation is an easy job for an expert gas geyser plumber. When you search ” gas geyser Durban “, you will see that our name is at the top of the list. We are the leading experts in gas geyser installation, and we have many of satisfied customers to prove it.

When you decide to go off the grid and make your home more energy-efficient, give us a call. We will help you figure out whether a gas geyser installation or a solar geyser is the best option for your home. In terms of energy usage, a gas geyser installation is a vast improvement on the traditional electrical geysers.

When you opt for a gas geyser, you have the benefit of unlimited hot water. When there is gas in the gas canister, you will have hot water. Unlike other types of geysers, a gas geyser does not include a reservoir. Instead, water is heated in the pipe as it flows to the hot water tap. Here’s how: a flame is lit in the gas geyser burner. Lighting the spark is either done automatically or manually, depending on the type of gas geyser installation you have. Water flows through a pipe that passes above this flame. The flame heats the tube, which then conducts the heat to the water. There you have it: instant hot water.

Gas Geyser Installation Durban

That’s another advantage of a gas geyser installation. No more waiting for hot water. When you open the tap, hot water will flow from it. Using gas is a more water-wise option that the traditional electrical geyser. Electrical geysers are usually installed far away from the tap. Thus hot water must travel a long way before reaching the desired destination. In the process, many litres of water goes to waste while waiting for the hot water to arrive.

gas geyser installation in durban

Let’s get back to the unlimited supply of hot water. Since there is no reservoir to fill and empty as hot water is used, the water gets heated on demand. As long as you have gas, you will have hot water. Using gas has the added benefit of being energy efficient. Hot water is not heated, allowed to cool, and then reheated. In traditional electrical geysers, the element is continuously using electricity to maintain the water temperature in the reservoir. This heating and reheating cycle wastes energy, since hot water is generally only used once or twice a day in the average home.

As any gas geyser plumber will tell you, a gas geyser installation has to be done properly for it to work correctly. When you search ” gas geyser Durban ” and scroll down to find the cheapest supplier, you will probably end up being sorely disappointed with your gas geyser. Get the best in the business (that’s us) to do the job for you. In your search for “gas geyser Durban”, you will find our name at the top of the list, and with good reason. We know what we’re doing, and we have the satisfied customers to prove it. Why not give plumber Durban a call now?

Gas Geyser Installation Plumber

We will install your new gas geyser properly, taking care to maintain water pressure in your plumbing system. If the pressure drops, your gas geyser will not function properly. This improper functioning will cause frustration and lead to another call-out, which is not conducive to your peace of mind or our reputation. We do it right the first time. There are no comebacks on a job well done.

For your new gas geyser installation, get the best in the business on your team. Please don’t ask your aunty’s cousin’s son to do it. You know, the one who just finished matric and decided not to do an apprenticeship with an experienced plumber. Instead, he wants to learn on the job while working for himself. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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