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It’s the middle of winter. You wake up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose. Oh no! Steve from accounting came to work earlier that week with a raging cold. You told him to go home because he will make everyone sick. He didn’t listen. It looks like you have it now. Better call in sick today to recover.

As you reach for your phone, you hear water dripping. Did you forget to close the tap again? You stumble over to the bathroom and check the valve. Nope. That’s when you feel something cold inside your slippers. You look down. You’re standing in a puddle of water. What the heck? The floor is covered in water! Then you see the source of the dripping sound: water is dripping from the ceiling, right where the geyser is installed.

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Oh no! The geyser burst! Can this day get any worse? It would be best if you found a geyser repair plumber right now. You type geyser repair Durban into your phone and find our name right at the top. Yup, we’re the best in the business. We’ve seen it all. We know how to make your plumbing woes disappear. Our response time is like lightning, and our service is out of this world. When you use our services, we guarantee that you’ll have a smile on your face, even if you still have that pesky flu.

When we reach your home, we will have a look at the damage and the cause of the problem. We will advise you on the geyser repair to be done, depending on the type of geyser you have and the way if burst. Some geyser repair jobs are quick and easy, while others take time and is a bit more complicated. At times, the entire geyser must be replaced. This procedure is not fun, but we can do even that at a fair price and in a reasonable amount of time.

Affordable & Fast Geyser Repair Services

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Maybe your hot water is just not what it used to be. Every time you take a shower, you find yourself using less and less cold water, yet the shower somehow still feels a bit chilly. Any geyser repair company will tell you that you probably have scale buildup on your geyser’s heating element. Descaling is an easy geyser repair job for the experienced plumbing professionals. We have the right tools and we know how to use them. When you search geyser repair Durban, you will see our name at the top of the list. We’ve done hundreds of these geyser repair jobs, and all our customers are delighted with our work. We do work of the highest quality, and we never use substandard materials. Since we always adhere to industry best practices, we also never get comebacks on our work. When you’re reputation is at stake, you ensure that your customers are always satisfied. We believe that that’s the way it should be.

Sometimes your geyser springs a leak. This leak is often so small that you don’t notice it until enough water accumulates to cause some water damage. That’s when you need a geyser repair plumber by your side. We know how to deal with this type of issue, and we will sort it out in two ticks. Don’t wait for the damage to get worse or the leak to grow. Have it repaired quickly to avoid significant damage somewhere down the line. After all, “prevention is the best cure.” Most emergency call-outs can be prevented through administering the proper maintenance procedures and timelines.

When you need a geyser repair plumber, give us a call. We are the leading experts in geyser repair in Durban and surrounds.

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