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Solar Geyser Installation

If you are searching for solar geyser installation online, then make sure to call the solar geyser installation experts in Durban, AJ’s ER Plumbers.

Your friend told you about solar geyser installation. It’s very fashionable to get a solar geyser installation. You search solar geyser comapnies in Durban to find out more and decide that you’ll check this thing out. The challenge with the internet is that there’s so much junk and misinformation floating around. You need to talk to an expert solar geyser plumber to find out whether it works, what it costs and if it’s feasible for your home.

Talk to us. Our solar geyser plumbing team has an expert solar geyser plumber on board, and we’d love to help. We will answer all your solar geyser installation questions and, if you’re interested, offer you a free quote. Our prices are fair and our pricing transparent. You will know exactly what you’re paying for, what we offer, and what we don’t provide.

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If you are searching for solar geyser near me online, then make sure to call the solar geyser experts in Durban, AJ’s ER Plumbers.

So, how does a solar geyser work?

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A solar geyser installation consists of two parts – the pipes and the reservoir. This geyser does not use electricity. Instead, it uses the sun, or solar power, to provide hot water for your home. The pipes are usually black and laid out flat in a crisscross pattern. The sun heats these pipes, which in turn heats the water that flows through it. The heated water flows from the tubes into the reservoir, where it stays until needed. When you open a hot water tap in your home, water flows from the tank to the valve and voile! You have hot water in your home that is off the grid and powered by green energy. That sounds amazing.

The main advantage of a solar geyser installation is that you don’t use electricity. You will have hot water regardless of the load shedding schedule. A solar geyser is often the first step in the process of taking your home off the grid completely.

Another advantage of a solar geyser installation is that there is no maintenance. This geyser doesn’t have any moving parts. There is no heating element or wiring that can break or be damaged, you don’t have to do any maintenance. Besides possibly sweeping bird poop off the pipes on the odd occasion, that is.

A downside of having a solar geyser installation is linked to capacity. To work effectively, solar geysers are usually small. Large families need a lot of hot water. If that’s you, you may need more than one solar geyser. Solar geysers also tend to take a long time to heat water. For this reason, you will have to wait a long time for your geyser to refill once you’ve depleted the supply of hot water. Our plumbers in Durban can give you a accurate quote.

Affordable Solar Geyser Installation

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If you’re set on using solar power, but want the convenience of a consistent supply of hot water, you could ask your solar geyser plumber about a combined solution. It’s easy to combine a solar geyser installation with gas. Here, you will alternate between the two as needed.

Environmental factors will also affect your solar geyser installation’s performance. Firstly, the geyser should be installed in the correct position. This installation is usually on the roof, on the side that gets the most direct sunlight. The geyser reservoir should also be properly insulated.

Solar geysers cool down when there’s no sunlight, such as during the night and in rainy weather. Your solar geyser’s reservoir may have cooled down entirely during a cold winter’s night, leaving you sans hot water in the morning. A cold morning shower is not a pleasant thought. This problem will be mitigated slightly if the reservoir is adequately insulated.

Luckily, solar geysers are designed to be highly efficient. You will be able to have a decent hot shower with very little sunlight.

For more information on this topic and a free quote, give us a call. We will help you out faster than you can say “solar geyser Durban”.

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