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There’s one term that gives just about anybody the chills: blocked drain Durban. That is, everyone except us. When you need a blocked drain plumber in a hurry, give AJ’s ER Plumbers a call. We’re not afraid of poop, and we know how to fix your drains in no time.

When the poop hits the floor, or the garden, who’re you going to call? Not ghostbusters. Oh no. They won’t help you now. Call us. We’re the expert blocked drain plumber, and we’ve got the right tools for the job. When you search blocked drain Durban, you will find our name at the top of the list. Our satisfied customers attests to the quality of our work. Our response time is lightning fast, and our call-out fees are reasonable.

When we arrive at your home, office, warehouse or shop, we will assess the situation. Once we know what’s going on, we will offer you a fair, transparent quote for approval. We will discuss the solution with you and, when applicable, we will provide you with various options to choose from. With our expert advice and professional conduct, you will know exactly what’s going on and what you’re paying for. We don’t do hidden costs and nasty surprises. You’ve had enough of those if you’re in the position where you need our plumbing services.

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When you’re looking for blocked drain near me online, you can know that we have the right tools and will unblock your drains without causing any further damage. You’ve got enough worries on your plate without us adding to it.

When you have an older property (20 years and above), you likely have ceramic sewerage pipes on your property. The traditional tools used to clear tree roots from plumbing pipes have spinning blades. These can damage the older ceramic sewerage pipes, often knocking them into shards. That’s not a good thing and will lead to the entire tube having to be replaced.

Fear not when we are near. Being a highly experienced and professional blocked drain plumbing company, we know not to use those tools. Instead, we have newer, modern devices that will pull out whatever’s causing the blocked drain. These tools won’t damage the pipes and will get the culprit into the dustbin, where it belongs. The traditional tools cut the cause of the blocked drain into tiny pieces. These pieces can get lodged onto an obstruction or coarse pipe lining somewhere downstream, causing a blocked drain all over again.

Because we remove the blockage from the system completely, you won’t have to worry about having to call us back in a hurry to fix the new blockage. We do it right the first time – there are no comebacks on a job well done.

FAST Blocked Drain Services

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Tree roots is the main culprit when it comes to blocked drains. Foreign objects flushed down the drain also add to the problem.

Tree roots usually cause the most damage. Tree roots grow towards water. It’s almost as though they have a nose that sniffs out the water. They don’t care whether this water is clean or dirty – they filter it themselves. Tree roots will find joints in sewerage pipes and force their way into the joints. It’s incredible how they’re able to bore into a tube, even splitting it open over time. Once these roots are inside the pipe, any debris flushed down the pipes will get lodged onto the roots. This debris will build up over time, causing a plug to form which will have you searching blocked drain Durban at a very inconvenient time of the morning.

When you already have tree roots in the system, any foreign object entering the system is likely to cause a significant blockage. Foreign objects usually come into the sewer when your toddler learns to “help out” around the house and oh-so-helpfully flushes a dishrag down the drain. When that thing gets stuck on the tree roots, you’ll need a blocked drain plumber ASAP.

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