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AJ’s ER Plumbers is your preferred geyser installation professionals in Durban and surrounding areas.

That new addition to your home is nearly done. You know, the beautiful guest suite your wife’s been dreaming about ever since you bought the house. Everything is in place, and the bedroom looks stunning. The bathroom is nearly done, but you haven’t gotten around to getting the right plumber for the job.

Look no further! We are the best geyser installation plumbing company around, and we will do the job for you in two ticks. When you search geyser installation Durban, you will see our name at the top of the list. We have years of experience, and we have the right tools for the job. Most of our customers use us only once, since there are no comebacks on an excellent job.

When you use our services, we will help you match your home’s hot water demands with the perfect geyser installation. We can advise you on high pressure and low-pressure geysers as well as vertical vs horizontal geyser installation. Added to that, we can advise you on the pros and cons of electrical geysers vs gas or solar geysers. Our plumbers in Durban will help you figure out which geyser installation is the best fit for your home and budget. We guarantee that you’ll be as satisfied as all our previous customers with our excellent work.

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If you are looking for geyser installation near me online, then make sure to give AJ’s ER Plumbers a call today. We service a wide area around Durban and we will be delighted to assist you.

Perhaps your office building is expanding. That means a new kitchen and a shower. Exciting times! You need the right geyser installation for the job. Don’t ask any random old geyser installation plumber to do the job. Get the best guy for the job – that’s AJ’s ER Plumbers in Durban! When you search geyser installation Durban, you will see that we are highly recommended. We’ve done work for private customers, large corporate customers, small businesses, warehouses, office buildings and everything in between.

We can hlep you determine the correct size and type of geyser for your application. You won’t run out of hot water due to a geyser that is too small for the job. You also won’t waste energy and money on a geyser that is too big for the job. If you opt for an electrical geyser, we will install one that is energy-efficient and low on maintenance. Over the years, we’ve learnt which brands and models you can trust and which you should rather stay away from. We will guide you in the process of choosing one that will last for years.

FAST & Affordable Geyser Installation Services

Geyser Installation Durban

Our geyser installation quotes are exceptionally competitive and we guarantee that with us, you will save money in the long run. You won’t have endless hassles with geysers breaking, leaking or bursting. You also won’t have trouble with unplanned maintenance. We only use high-quality materials, ensuring that you, our valued customer, has peace of mind.

We will offer you a quote that’s fair and transparent. You will know what you’re paying for, what we offer, and what we don’t provide. We don’t do hidden costs. We also don’t do nasty surprises. We care about our customers and the right name. That’s why we offer professional, honest and ethical plumbing services. All our work is done with a smile and a sense of humour. You won’t see a sour face in our crew.

When choosing the type of geyser for your home, office or warehouse, you should take into account the likely hot water demand. The geyser should be large enough to supply the need, but not so large that it will oversupply. Oversupply leads to energy wastage. The geyser should be energy-efficient. Here, you can choose either an electrical or solar geyser. Each of these have specific pros and cons related to capacity, energy consumption and environmental factors. We will help you decide which of these are best suited to your needs. You will have the best geyser installation Durban and surrounds.

We can also do geyser repairs in Durban and surrounding areas.

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