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Leak detection is no easy task. Ask any leak detection plumber. That’s why you need to call the best in the business to help you out. When you search leak detection Durban, you will see that we’re highly recommended. Our skills, experience and high-quality work makes us the best leak detection plumbers in the area.

So, why would you need a leak detection plumber? You will find yourself searching leak detection Durban when your water bill is suddenly much higher than usual. We’re talking ten, even twenty times the average. Yikes! You don’t see any water gushing out anywhere, so where on earth is it going? You need a leak detection expert to have a look at the problem.

When we get to your home, we will have a look around for visible signs of leaks. When we’re lucky, we’ll see a wet spot on the wall or ceiling, or a place in the garden that’s much greener than the surrounding area. That’s a dead giveaway that water is flowing in that spot.

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If you are searching for leak detection near me online, then make sure to call the leak detection experts in Durban, AJ’s ER Plumbers.

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In some cases, we’re not that lucky, and we have to employ more advanced leak detection methods. Here, we’ll follow the path of hot water pipes, checking for spots in the wall that are hotter than others. In homes that have a double layer of brick in the wall, the plumbing system is usually installed between the bricklayers. When a leak occurs here, the water won’t necessarily flow into the brickwork. Instead, it will seep straight into the foundation of the building, where you’re not likely to see any signs of it. A hot spot on the wall will indicate that the hot water pipe is leaking in that area.

If, after all of this, we still can’t find the leak, we play our aces, shutting down your plumbing system bit by bit to find the area where the hole is. Finding the leak could take time, but, when done correctly, will pinpoint the problem area, allowing us to fix the problem as quick as lightning. Thankfully you can call AJ’s ER Plumbers in Durban to assist.

In some cases, a leak is severe enough to necessitate replacing entire portions of your home’s plumbing system. This procedure is a messy job and is often expensive. Rest assured that we will not charge you an arm and a leg. Our fees are fair, and our quotes transparent. You will know exactly what you’re paying for, what is included in our service and what is not. We don’t like nasty surprises any more than you do.

Accurate & Affordable Leak Detection Services

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Our leak detection services are cost-effective and efficient. We don’t take shortcuts, and we use the highest quality materials in our work. That’s why most of our customers only need to call us once. Comebacks are not suitable for our reputation or your peace of mind, which is why we do the job right the first time.

Many things can cause leaks. Usually, pipes leak because they are old or not correctly installed. Some improper installations leave room for pipes to move a bit. This movement will happen with water pressure changes inside the tube as taps are opened and closed. When the pipes chafe against brickwork as they move, they will get worn over time and spring a leak. That’s when you get a nasty shock when your water bill comes, having you search leak detection companies in a hurry.

If you have poor plumbing installations in your home, give us a call. We will assess the system and offer you advice on how to remedy the situation cost-effectively and efficiently. Don’t wait for the pipes to start leaking before you take action. The old saying “prevention is the best cure” is true in this case.

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